Functional Materials

The Functional Chemicals Division manufactures and sells products such as water soluble polymers, emulsions, latexes, powder resins, and organic synthetic chemicals. These products are used across a wide range of spheres, including personal care products essential for comfortable living, industrial materials such as high-performance adhesives and rubber products, and battery and energy materials.

Functional Materials (Relating to Funcitonal Chemicals)

Water-Soluble Polymers

Product name Details
PEO(Polyethylene Oxide) PDF CONTACT Polyethylene Oxide/Non-ionic water-soluble resin
Pulp-dispersing agent for papermaking, coagulant, Auxiliary agent for suspension polymerization, Polymer cement, Binder for denitration catalyst and ceramics,etc.
Thickener and stabilizer for cosmetics(Shampoo, Rinse, etc.), paints and bond, Additive for polymerization
AQUACHARGE CONTACT Binder for electrodes
AQUPAANA CONTACT Partially neutralized polyacrylic acid
Poultice material (pap), Tackifier resin, Various viscosity modifier
AQUPEC CONTACT Cross-linked polyacrylic acid
Thickener for cosmetics(Hair gels, Hair treatments), Moisturizing for adhesive skin patch and sedimentation prevention agent
INCI Name:Carbomer, Acrylates/C10-30 Alkyl Acrylate
AQUPEC 800 series PDF CONTACT Cross-linked polyacrylic acid
INCI Name : Carbomer
AQUPEC MG N40R PDF CONTACT Partially neutralized Carboxyvinyl polymer sodium salt
INCI Name:Sodium Carbomer


Product name Details
ZAIKTHENE CONTACT Polyolefin-based copolymer and neutralization salt
Low-temperature seal adhesive for aluminum foil, paper, etc., Binder for thermosensitive recording paper, packing material, Coating agent
SEPOLSION CONTACT Water-based emulsions with thermoplastic resin
Interlining adhesive for apparel
Coating and fixing agent for glass fiber, carbon fiber ,etc. Modifier for emulsions, Binder for non-woven fabrics, Sizing agent for glass fibers


Product name Details
SEPOLEX-CSM-N CONTACT Chlorosulfonated Polyethylene Latex
Convergent agent for glass fiber,adhesive agent between rubber and fiber reinforcement

Powdered Plastics

Product name Details
FLO-THENE PDF CONTACT Powdered Polyethylene
Coating (Fluidized bed coating, Electrostatic coating), Adhesive for fabric, Sinter molding
FLO-THENE UF PDF CONTACT Polyethylene fine powder
Modifier for polyester resins, Sheet molding compound, Bulk molding compound (Crack resistance,Improving shrinkage) , Dispersion agent for inks and pigments, Cosmetic material
FLOBLEN CONTACT Powdered Polypropylene
Raw materials for sintered molding, Coating agent (for shopping cart, dishwasher rack ,etc.)
SPHERICAL POWDER CONTACT SAMPLE Spherical Particles of Polyolefin
Cosmetic material(Foundation, Milky lotion, Beauty cream), Ink additive, Paint additive(Design modifier such as delustering agent)

Fine Chemicals

Product name Details
SBA (Charge-Discharge behavior improvers series) CONTACT Additives for Lithium-ion rechargeable battery
High Refractive Index Material CONTACT High Refractive Index Monomer
Fine Chemicals CONTACT Pharmaceuticals-related products and Additive for functional polymers

Polar solvent (sulfone compounds) Sulfolane

Product name Details
Polar solvent (sulfone compounds) Sulfolane CONTACT Electrolyte for various electronic devices, polar solvents for various reaction applications

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