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Occupational Safety & Health / Disaster Preparedness

We have put in place a basic safety management philosophy of “prioritizing safety over everything else” and position this as the foundation to support business continuity, which is indispensable for the Sumitomo Seika Group to stay in business.
We are committed to creating a safe and healthy work environment for our employees by focusing on industrial health activities, including mental health support and work style reformation.


Occupational Safety & Health

Every year, we set our goal of achieving zero accidents involving/not involving lost workdays and zero traffic accidents (where the Company is at fault). Based on the occupational safety and health management system, we are strengthening our safety management activities during operations, construction, and commuting by ensuring that all employees are familiar with relevant laws and SEIKA basic safety rules, which are “take a breath before starting work” and “be sure to bring each other’s attention to any unsafe behavior.” We believe that the accumulation of such activities will lead to the development of a true culture of safety and will enable us to achieve continuous safety management. At the same time, to maintain the health of our employees, we are improving working conditions and environment by strengthening measures for operation/work environment/health management systems.

Disaster Preparedness

In addition to complying with laws, regulations, and standards, we are strengthening our risk assessment and preparedness for natural disasters (typhoons, earthquakes, etc.) and man-made disasters (fire, explosions, leaks, etc.).
We also conduct joint drills with local fire departments in anticipation of natural disasters and formulate a business continuity plan (BCP) to minimize damage in the event of such disasters, thereby preparing for both disaster and emergency.


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