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Approach to Human Resources Development

In order for a company to attain a sustainable growth, upgrading of its employees is indispensable.
Our company works on nurture of “human resources” while viewing “human” as “resource” and takes various actions to create labor environments where employees are able to work comfortably and peacefully.

Related SDGs

Our Human Resources Development Policy

We have defined “ideal employees” as those who strive to realize our desired corporate image and are always conscious of it. To develop such employees, we are developing an environment and implementing various measures for human resource development. Stratified training programs, technology/skill transfer training, globalization support education and many other educational programs are provided.

Promoting Health and Productivity Management

We declared that we would proactively address health and productivity management as a priority issue, and put in place a basic policy. Based on this policy, we are implementing a variety of measures to maintain and improve health.

Health and Productivity Management Declaration

We view our employees as indispensable assets (human capital) of the company and believe that a safe, healthy and motivating workplace environment will help each individual to enhance his/her work-life balance, as well as lead to sustainable corporate growth. To that end, as a company and as one of our important management tasks, we declare that we will not only strive to create a work environment in which our employees can work in comfort but also to “maintain and enhance the mental and physical health” of our employees and their families. Based on the declaration above, we have created the following policies. We aim to foster an organizational culture where each employee can work healthily and cheerfully, and find their job rewarding. Through these efforts, we seek to be a company that continuously serves society and ways of life.

OGAWA Ikuzo, President

Basic Policy for Health and Productivity Management
  1. The Company promotes initiatives for “health and productivity management” so that employees and their families can live with peace of mind.
  2. The Company proactively supports our employees so that they can maintain and improve their health on their own.
  3. The Company works together with the Sumitomo Seika Health Insurance Association and the Sumitomo Seika Labor Union to ensure physical and mental health of employees and their families.
Building a System

In order to maintain and enhance the good health of our employees, a Health Promotion Committee has been set up. Headed up by the Officer in charge of General Affairs and Personnel (CHO: Chief Health Officer), the committee strengthens and spearheads health initiatives and health and productivity management. Consisting of vice chairperson, who is selected by the company, labor union, and corporate health insurance representative, secretariat, other corporate members, and members from each business office, the Committee implements a variety of measures in cooperation with occupational physicians and other external organizations. The health status of our employees and the initiatives of the Health Promotion Committee are regularly reported to the Board of Directors (Management Meeting) for discussion about issues and measures to promote health and productivity management.

Building a System
Setting Target Values (KPI)

In the past, we developed health support measures with the goal of reducing the number of people exposed to risk based on the results of health checkups. Starting from fiscal 2020, with specific numerical target values (KPIs) set for the items shown below, we are raising the rate of those with appropriate values and implementing various health support measures.

1. Enhancing mental and physical health of employees and their families [Individual health]

  • (1) Regular health checkup receiving rate/secondary health checkup receiving rate: 100.0%
  • (2) Regular exercise rate: 30.0% or more

2. Developing a work environment in which employees can work in comfort 【Workplace health】

  • (3) Overtime hours: Decrease by 10% / Paid leave utilization rate: Increase by 10%
  • (4) Rate of those highly stressed: 15.0% or less

3. Being certified as an “Outstanding Health and Productivity Management Organization (White 500)”【Company Health】

  • (5) Smoking rate: 20.0% or less
  • (6) Health Portal Site (Health Point Program) access rate: 30.0% or more

Our focus is also on creating programs that support healthy daily lives, improving stress checks, holding various events, and promoting work-life balance so that everyone on our workforce can live a wholesome life with an emphasis on mental health.

Health Fair
▲ Health Fair
Sports Event
▲ Sports Event
Employee Club Activities
▲ Employee Club Activities
“Health Point Program”

We have introduced a “Health Portal Site” and “Health Point Program” to raise employee awareness of health and motivation and to help health and productivity management penetrate the mindset of each individual. Through these tools, our employees can obtain various information on health enhancement. Under the “Health Point Program”, employees voluntarily do a variety of exercises, quit smoking, and improve their lifestyles on an underlying theme of health. To spur incentive in personal health management, this program has adopted a mechanism that is intended to motivate employees to continuously improve their health by visualizing specific actions and their results and then awarding health points according to the degree of achievement. We make the most of our diverse activities for health enhancement, illness prevention, refreshing the mind and body, and promoting communication among employees.

Health Awareness Event(Walikng Challenge)
▲Health Awareness Event
(Walikng Challenge)
Efforts to facilitate a balance between medical treatment and work

All efforts must be made for employees who are fighting illness and yet have the motivation and ability to work, so that they can continue working vigorously while receiving adequate medical attention, without missing treatment opportunities because of work and without being hindered from continuing with their career because they need treatment.
Through the following initiatives, we are raising awareness of illness and encouraging better communication among staff.

  1. Formulation of necessary measures for such employees, e.g. working hours, work contents, and commuting method
  2. Financial assistance for medical treatment costs, compensation for absence from work, etc. by purchasing insurance.

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