Polar solvent (sulfone compounds)

Polar solvent (sulfone compounds)


  • Polar solvents having boiling points of 200°C or higher and high thermal stability.
  • Highly resistant to hydrolysis, stable against alkalis and acids.
  • High dielectric constant and readily soluble in various electrolytes.

3-methyl sulfolane and Sulfolane are new polar solvents developed with organic sulfur compound synthesis technology of SUMITOMO SEIKA CHEMICALS. In combination with Sulfolane, they can be used as electrolytes for various electronic devices and as polar solvents for various reactions.


  • Electrolyte solvents for batteries, condensers, capacitors, solar batteries, etc.
  • Solvents for various polymerizations and reactions


  CAS No. Viscosity m.p. b.p. Permittivity
3-Methyl sulfolane 872-93-5 11 mPa・s(25℃) 0℃ 276℃ 29(25℃)
Sulfolane 126-33-0 10 mPa・s(30℃) 27℃ 285℃ 44(30℃)

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