Various Industries

Product name Details Major Application Functions
SEPOLSION CONTACT SAMPLE Water-based emulsions with thermoplastic resin
Interlining adhesive for apparel, Coating and fixing agent for glass fiber , carbon fiber ,etc. Modifier for emulsions, Binder for non-woven fabrics, Sizing agent for glass fibers
Thermal recording paper & Thermal packing material
Bill strip stamp & Cover of instant noodle cup
PC / Mobile Phone
Lithium-ion rechargeable battery
Apparel products
Dispersion Stabilizer
Resin Modifier
Binder for ceramics
Binder for electrodes
Additives for Lithium-ion rechargeable battery
Electrolyte solvents and additives
Low-temperature seal adhesive for aluminum foil, paper, etc.
Interlining adhesive
Modifier for polyester resins, Sheet molding compound, Bulk molding compound (Crack resistance,Improving shrinkage)
Binder for water-color ink
Antisettling agent
Pulp dispersant
AQUA KEEP CONTACT Sodium Polyacrylate-based Super Absorbent Polymer
Water blocking tape for power and optical cables, Water-swelling rubber
Water blocking tape for power and optical cables Absorbent polymer
Coating (Fluidized bed coating, Electrostatic coating), Adhesive for fabric, Sinter molding
Metal parts
Apparel products
Interlining adhesive
Powder coating for metallurgical coating

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