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Quality Assurance

At Sumitomo Seika Group, we are committed to providing quality products and services that will satisfy customers’ needs and ensure safety in their use. We conduct thorough quality assurance and quality control for that purpose and aim to contribute to the realization of a sustainable and prosperous future.


Company-Wide Quality Assurance System

We have acquired ISO 9001 certification, the international standard for quality management systems, at all of our headquarters and plants in Japan.
By operating a company-wide quality management system in accordance with ISO 9001, we are engaged in company-wide quality assurance activities.

Maintaining and Improving Quality Assurance System

The Quality Assurance Department carries out plant quality audits and QC patrols at each of our plants in Japan to maintain and improve our quality assurance system.
In plant quality audits, QA Department members act as auditors and work together with manufacturing divisions to check if the quality assurance system is properly operated.
In QC patrols, we inspect workplaces with a focus on 3S (sort, set in order, and shine) and visual management (displays and signs) to ensure that 5S (the 3S plus standardize and sustain), the basis of quality control, is thoroughly implemented.

Preventing Quality Problems

We are working to prevent quality problems (complaints and internal nonconformities) caused by our products by implementing measures against potential risks identified by workers through quality risk assessments, FMEA*, why-why analysis, and other methods.
When a quality problem occurs, we investigate the cause and discuss countermeasures to prevent recurrence of the problem. The results of discussions are shared within the company to prevent similar problems from occurring.
* Failure Mode and Effects Analysis

Ensuring Product Safety

We strive to ensure product safety so that our customers can use our products with confidence by obtaining regulatory chemical information in Japan and overseas, responding to them, assessing product safety risks, and reducing the risks at each stage, including R&D and industrialization.

Developing Human Resources and Employees' Expertise

To continuously provide quality products and services that satisfy our customers, we are working to develop human resources through systematic education on quality. In addition, for employees engaged in advanced quality assurance work in pharmaceuticals and other fields, we are strengthening their expertise through specialized training.

Global Quality Assurance Activities

We are working to strengthen our quality control system by conducting on-site audits of our overseas raw material suppliers and production contractors.
For overseas sites in our group, we conduct quality audits and education to strengthen quality assurance systems and foster a quality culture. We also hold regular Global Quality Meetings with our overseas sites to exchange information on the progress of quality activities and product safety.


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