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Guiding Principles

* Sumitomo Business Spirit

* Corporate Mission

* Purpose Statement

Sumitomo Business Spirit

We inherit the “Sumitomo Business Spirit” as the fundamental principle of our business management.

Business Principles
  • Article 1 Sumitomo shall achieve strength and prosperity by placing prime importance on integrity and sound management in the conduct of its business.
  • Article 2 Sumitomo shall manage its activities with foresight and flexibility in order to cope effectively with the changing times. Under no circumstances, however, shall it pursue easy gains or act imprudently.

Article 1 emphasizes the importance of gaining trust of business partners and of society. Article 2 underscores the significance of having an enterprising spirit in seeking to generate profits while adapting to changes in society promptly and appropriately and, at the same time, making constant efforts to reform business. It also strongly admonishes us against acting imprudently in pursuit of speculative gains.

“Jiri Rita Koushi Ichinyo ” -Benefit self and benefit others; private and public interests are one and the same

This teaching states that Sumitomo’s business must benefit not only Sumitomo itself but also the nation and society. Sumitomo must always conduct business in harmony with the public interest and fulfill its corporate social responsibilities.

Corporate Mission

Following the Sumitomo Business Spirit, the Sumitomo Seika Group will contribute to the advancement of society by developing world class creative technologies in the field of chemistry and, based thereon, supplying unique, high quality products to people around the world.

Purpose Statement

Purpose Statement
Sumitomo Seika’s "Chemistry"
  • Composed of our core technologies having distinctive advantages and uniqueness as below:
Composed of our core technologies having distinctive advantages and uniqueness as below:
  • Creates something new by fusing a variety of existing products or technologies
  • Figuratively means that our corporate culture makes it possible to create new things through people working together

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