• Absorption capacity is hardly affected by salt.
  • Enable to absorb acid, alkali water.
  • The product can be thermally processed and easily blended with other resins or rubbers.
  • Pigment coloring is also available.

AQUACALK, modified polyalkylene oxide, is thermoplastic and non-ionic water absorbent polymer with unique characteristic, that is different from polyacrylate-based super absorbent polymer.


Item Grade
Appearance - White pellet
Absorption capacity [g/g] Deionized water 20~30
Artificial sea water 20~30

Major Application

  1. Example of blending with resin, rubber, etc.
    • Rubber swelling water
    • Water absorptive film
  2. Examples of use by itself
    • Water retention agent for agriculture and horticulture
    • Coagulant for liquid waste

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