Freely Controlling Water
Absorption Performance with
Super Absorbent Polymers
Improving QOL with
Water Soluble Polymers
Manufacturing Electrical Devices with
Gases for Semiconductor Materials
Bringing Happiness
and “URUOI”
to People’s Lives*"URUOI" is a Japanese word meaning
richness in quality

News and Announcements

About Sumitomo Seika

Sumitomo Seika is a chemical company that provides products with unique functions.
From IT, agriculture and manufacturing to advanced medical care, Sumitomo Seika’s technology is utilized in every scene of daily life.

Sumitomo Seika
products are used in a variety of industries.

Sumitomo Seika's CSR

We contribute to the development of a sustainable society by addressing the challenges defined in the globally common agenda of the SDGs in accordance with basic policies for CSR activities “Sumitomo Seika Group’s
Mission for CSR”.

Sumitomo Seika's CSR

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