Sumitomo Seika Chemicals’ emulsion is an eco-friendly, water-based emulsion consisting primarily of thermoplastic resins, where newly-developed components provide excellent adhesive performance on various base materials (glass, resin, metal and carbon fiber, etc.).

Example of use

  • Heat seals, adhesives
  • Overcoating agents
  • Ink/paint binders
  • Metal surface treatment agents
  • Fiber sizing agents

Grade List

Product name Compositions Feature Major Application
SEPOLSION G PDF Polyolefin-based adhesives With highly-reactive epoxy groups, SEPOLSION G provides excellent adhesive performance on various base materials (glass, paper, plastic, metal, etc.). ・Sizing agents (binders) for FRTP (Fiber Reinforced Thermal Plastics), FRP (Fiber Reinforced Plastics), carbon fiber, etc.
・Binders for information printing paper (ink-jet printing paper, thermal recording paper, etc.)
・Ink/paint additives, coating agents
・Polymer modifiers, compatibilizers
・Heat sealing agents, adhesives
SEPOLSION PA PDF Copolyimide Equipped with the excellent adhesiveness, chemical resistance and heat resistance of copolyimide, SEPOLSION AG's applications include adhesives (for various base materials), coating agents and modifiers. ・Interlining adhesives
・Thermal packing materials for sheet cloth
・Coating agents (fillers) and sizing agents for fibers, including glass fibers
・Lamination of non-woven fabrics, urethan foams, etc.
・Paint modifiers
・Emulsion modifiers for acrylic resins and urethane resins ・Heat sealing adhesives
SEPOLSION NE205 PDF Polyamide elastomer Equipped with the excellent flexibility, heat sealing properties and chemical resistance of polyamide elastomer, SEPOLSION NE205’s applications include adhesives (for various base materials), coating agents and modifiers. ・Coating agents and binders for organic fibers (nylon, polyester fiber, etc.) and non-woven fabrics
・Sizing agents for glass fiber and carbon fiber
・Adhesives for different materials (polyamide, polyimide, polyvinyl chloride, polyurethane, etc.)
・Surface treatment agents for organic, inorganic and metal powder
・Additives for acrylic and urethane emulsions, etc.
・Modifiers for inks, paints, wallpaper, floorings, etc.

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