• Powdered Polypropylene
  • FLOBLEN has high softening point, stiffness, and rigidity.

FLOBLEN is a polypropylene powder manufactured by our unique pulverizing method.


Raw materials for sintered molding, Coating agent (for shopping cart, dishwasher rack ,etc.)

Grades and Feartures

Sintered molding grade

  • FLOBLEN retains the raw material polypropylene properties of a high softening point, stiffness, and rigidity.
  • FLOBLEN exhibits small molding shrinkage providing good appearance and dimensional accuracy.
  • Resistance to stress cracking is superior to polyethylene.

Coating grade

  • FLOBLEN produces a coating film of excellent in decorativeness of the appearance and has excellent resistance to heat, weather and corrosion.
  • FLOBLEN shows combining excellent adhesion to metals such as iron.

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