Sustainability Sustainability

With Society

Relationship with Local Communities and Society

By supporting local participatory events, gatherings, and educational activities, we aim to contribute to the sustainable development of the regions and of society, and to build good relationships with local communities and society.

Related SDGs

Regional Events

Every year, we take part in “Summer Edutainment,” an event for kids and parents put on by the town council of Harima, in Hyogo. Our class was entitled “Let's use the power of chemistry to make food models!” Through these activities, we are stimulating an interest in chemistry in children for the future, and we expect this to lead to chances for them to think more about environmental issues.

Regional Events Regional Events

Community Outreach

Free access for neighboring residents to some of our grounds

We open up some of our grounds to neighboring residents, and allow nearby nursery schools to use them for their sports days, or community associations or retiree groups to play ground golf or use our spaces for various other activities.

Community cleanups and beautification activities

Each Works carries out regular cleanup activities of roads and other areas around the site.

Community Outreach
Community Outreach

Training Activities: Opportunities for Work Experience

We accept students for work experience to provide them with a chance to think about their academic major, views on work, and their lives.
In the future, we will continue to support these educational activities to offer students valuable opportunities to deepen their understanding of how companies work and see what working really looks like, but also to consider their own futures.

Other Activities

Monetary Donation

From the perspectives of both health and productivity management and our social contribution, we have participated in Love Walk, a walking event organized by the Japan Committee for UNICEF (JCU). In order to give back to society through the benefits of our health promotion activities, we calculated an amount of money with one yen for every 1,000 total steps made by employees who took part in the event. The total was then added to donations from employees and donated to the JCU.

Blood Donation

We host blood drives for the Red Cross Blood Center at our sites, and each time a whole host of employees take part.

Monetary Donation
Monetary Donation

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