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Super Absorbent Polymers Super Absorbent Polymers

Super Absorbent Polymers

We draw on the unique functions of super absorbent polymers in order to put them to effective use across a wide range of applications, from everyday necessities like disposable diapers and pet sheets through industrial products such as water-repellent materials for power and optical cables. Enabling water absorption capability to be controlled according to users’ specific applications, our AQUA KEEP super absorbent polymer has earned an international reputation for its ability to flexibly meet the demands of users in any part of the world.

Functional Materials Functional Materials

Functional Materials

Expanding our business based on Sumitomo Seika’s key technical strength, i.e. “thickening” and "binding" in function, and "polymerization”, “organic synthesis”, and “fine particle” in technology, we contribute to society in the areas of "medical care and daily living", and "the environment and energy". Our products are widely applied among everyday necessities including hair gels, cosmetics such as foundation, lithium ion secondary batteries for smartphones and electric vehicles, and coating agents for fences and shopping carts.

Gases & Engineering

Defying any conventional definition of the term, Sumitomo Seika’s gases take many different forms to best meet the diverse demands of various industrial sectors, including specialty gases used as analytical standards in environmental monitoring, electronics gases for deposition in the semiconductor fabrication process, and chemical gases for medical and industrial applications and food additives. Offering the unique feature of being chemically synthesized, our gases enjoy high popularity throughout the world.


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