Anode / Cathode

Product name Details Major Application Functions
AQUACHARGE CONTACT Binder for electrodes Anode / Cathode Binder for electrodes
PEO(Polyethylene Oxide) PDF CONTACT SAMPLE Polyethylene Oxide/Non-ionic water-soluble resin
Pulp-dispersing agent for papermaking, coagulant, Auxiliary agent for suspension polymerization, Polymer cement, Binder for denitration catalyst and ceramics,etc.
Thermal recording paper & Thermal packing material
Body lotion
Hair gel / Hair cream
Milky lotion / cream / Gel
Shampoo / Conditioner
Anode / Cathode
Texture Modifier
Dispersion Stabilizer
Binder for ceramics
Binder for electrodes
Adhesives for metal(aluminum foil) and paper
Pulp dispersant

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