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We have established "Sumitomo Seika Group's Mission for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)" as an embodiment of CSR we should aim for.
In order to achieve the aim, we are working on CSR activities under the guidance of “Sumitomo Seika Group's Fundamental Policies for CSR Activities”.

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Our group regards CSR activities as part of our efforts to strengthen our management base to support sustainable growth.
With safety and stability of operations as the starting point of our business activities, we conduct steady safety activities adhering to our basic management policy of “prioritizing safety over everything else”, and we are working to reduce our environmental impact by promoting energy conservation and waste reduction in order to contribute to environmental protection.
In addition, we will vigorously take up challenges ahead towards achieving the sustainable growth of society through the provision of our products and services.
We have also established “Sumitomo Seika Group’s Mission for CSR” as a guideline, which states that we are committed to CSR activities on a company-wide basis and to addressing the challenges defined in the globally common agenda of the SDGs.
Our group will continue to advance its CSR activities, and we would greatly appreciate your continued support and cooperation.

OGAWA Ikuzo, President

OGAWA Ikuzo, President

Sumitomo Seika Group’s Mission for CSR

The Sumitomo Seika Group will tackle on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), globally-shared challenges, by creating value that we alone can offer through translating our corporate philosophy into practice, thereby contributing ultimately to the development of a sustainable society.With these initiatives, we will aim to meet expectations of all our stakeholders.

Our group has established “ Sumitomo Seika Group’s Mission for CSR ” as a guideline, which states that we are committed to CSR activities on a company-wide basis and to contributing to the development of a sustainable society by addressing the challenges of the SDGs, which are goals shared worldwide.

Sumitomo Seika Group’s Fundamental Policies for CSR Activities

The Sumitomo Seika Group will engage in CSR activities in accordance with the following fundamental policies.

  1. We will provide products that will help make people’s lives more comfortable, satisfy customer needs with product functionality, and supply superior products and services that will support the foundation of the industries that the Sumitomo Seika Group serves, thereby contributing to solving societal problems and developing a sustainable society.
  2. We, as a chemical manufacturer, will give the highest priority to ensuring “zero accidents and zero injuries” and will strive to achieve and maintain safe and stable plant operation as well as safe shipment and delivery of products.
  3. We will appropriately assess possible influences of our products and production processes on humans and the environment and take measures to ensure safety and environmental stewardship.
  4. We will ensure thoroughly conducting quality management of our products and services so that our customers can use them to their satisfaction and with confidence.
  5. We will provide a safe and healthy working environment to our employees and also develop a corporate culture that allows our employees to work with pride and a sense of fulfilment.
  6. We, as a responsible corporate citizen, will participate in society, aiming to realize co-existence and co-prosperity with society.

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

What is Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)?

In September 2015, all the UN members (193 countries) adopted the 2030 Agenda, which is a plan to eliminate extreme poverty, inequality and injustice to protect our planet and realize a better future over the next 15 years.
As an action plan for people, planet and prosperity, the Agenda includes a Declaration and Goals.
This is a set of 17 Goals and 169 Targets called Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

In accordance with fundamental policies for CSR activities“ Sumitomo Seika Group’s Mission for CSR ”, we contributing to the development of a sustainable society by addressing the challenges of the SDGs, which are goals shared worldwide.

CSR Committee

We have established a CSR Committee as an organization that promotes constructive activities that implement the “CSR that the Sumitomo Seika Group aims for” and the “Sumitomo Seika Group’s basic policy for CSR activities”.
The CSR Committee is a company-wide organization for CSR activities chaired by the Officer in charge of General Affairs and Personnel, and consisting of the Officer in charge of RC, chiefs from each corporate sector, general managers from each division, general managers from each research laboratory, and general managers from each plant.

Duties of the Committee
  • Setting annual goals of the Sumitomo Seika Group’s CSR activities and reviewing the implementation status of the CSR activities
  • Providing guidance and advice on CSR activities carried out by each sector
  • Other matters necessary to achieve goals

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