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Corporate Social Responsibility(CSR)

With a focus on our RC activities, we now present extensive information on our relations with our customers, stockholders, business partners, local communities and other stakeholders in the form of CSR report and this HP. We hope that this and our future CSR reports will help familiarize an increasingly greater audience with our CSR policy and efforts, as we continue to upgrade the content.

The core concept of our CSR activities

The core concept of our CSR activities is to stay as a company that gains trust and confidence from every one of you as we work to offer new values to people, society, and the environment through conducting business activities according to our corporate policy and contributing to the building of a sustainable, safe and secure society. To this end, we will continue to ensure legal & ethical compliance, enhance an internal control system, and promote business activities in a fair and transparent manner, while always placing our first priority on safety to achieve “zero-accident and zero-injury operations”.
In addition, to protect the global environment, our Group has been taking a variety of initiatives such as promoting energy saving, reducing wastes and emissions of PRTR substances and VOC, and striving to achieve the “zero” occurrence of major problems associated with the environment. Going forward, we will continue to reduce emissions of PRTR substances and VOC and to improve our energy consumption rate through the introduction of new equipment. We will stand firm in our commitment to taking unabated actions also on other environmental issues, thereby serving to protect the environment.

Responsible Care

What is Responsible Care?
Responsible Care refers to voluntary activities by many chemical companies handling chemical substances aimed at preserving ”environment, safety and health” in all phases of the product cycle from development to disposal or recycling via production, distribution, use, and final consumption, while publishing results of activities and maintaining dialogue and communication with society. Responsible Care is a global initiative, adopted in more than 60 countries around the world.
Corporate Policy on Safety, Environment and Quality
 Sumitomo Seika Group has set "Corporate Policy on Safety, Environment and Quality" with the basic principles of achieving “zero-accident and zero-injury operations”, ensuring “customer satisfaction” and promoting “co-existence and co-prosperity with society”, while maintaining the fundamental policy of“Safety Comes First”.

Relationship with society

We, at every operation site, are engaged in information disclosure to and communication with the respective local communities with the view to increasing their understanding of our business activities and forming and maintaining good relations.
・Environmental education program for children
We hosted a “fun chemistry class” for local children in Harima-cho Township (Himeji). In this class titled “Feel the magical power of chemistry by fabricating replica food!”, which is well-received every year among local residents, the children made plastic replica food from used plastic bottles to learn about recycling and take interest in chemistry. We encouraged them to think about environmental issues, such as reducing and separating waste.
・Support for environmental events of communities
We have been participating in the annual “Himeji Environmental Festival” organized by Himeji City. We hold events to help raise environmental awareness among participants, both kids and adults, in a fun way.
・Community beautification and cleanup
Our Works actively takes part in the local campaigns for community beautification through periodical cleanup of nearby roads and roadside ditches.

Approach to quality

Under our corporate policy on safety, environment and quality, we make all-out effort to maintain and improve our QA system to “supply quality products that are safe in use and meet customers’ needs”.
We are certified according to ISO 9001 standard, an international quality assurance scheme.
Our products vary greatly, including general industrial chemicals, raw materials for pharmaceuticals and cosmetics as well as raw materials for electronics and semiconductors. Different usage in customer always requires a different content even if the compound is same. Integrated efforts of Sales-Laboratory-Factory of the whole company under one management system ensure customer satisfaction through the best quality assurance activities.
We always enhance and improve the level of quality assurance as a corporate action to meet requirements from industries which are different industry by industry while referring to the strictest requirements.