Our group is striving to achieve "zero" major environmental problems and to contribute to environmental conservation by reducing the environmental impact of our business operations in order to create a rich natural environment.

Related SDGs

Energy Conservation/Global Warming

We manage energy consumption and CO2 emissions per unit production of our representative products in terms of “unit consumption,” which we are endeavoring to reduce.

Prevention of Air Pollution

We are committed to properly managing and reducing emissions of SOx, NOx, dust, PRTR-regulated substances, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs).
Because hexane accounts for the largest amount of all PRTR-regulated substances that we deal with, we are reducing its emissions in a planned manner.

Water Quality Management

We are striving to reduce and properly manage the discharge of water pollutants through activated sludge treatment and other means.

Approach to the Waste Reduction

In order to achieve “zero” environment-related issues and create a rich natural environment, we are continuing with various efforts to reduce the environmental load associated with business operations. One of those efforts is waste reduction.

Waste Reduction

In disposing of waste, we sort out waste, manage manifests, and entrust appropriate treatment to industrial waste management companies in strict compliance the Waste Disposal Act. As for the unit of waste generated by site and the amount of final landfill disposal, we are striving to achieve the reduction targets we have set. Specifically, the actual amount of waste that was disposed of as landfill was about 0.2% of all waste generated, against a target of 1% or less. In this way, we are contributing to environmental conservation.

Waste Reduction
  • Amount of final landfill includes residues remaining after outsourced disposal and recycling.

In-House Weight Reduction

In 1989, we built an industrial waste incineration facility at our Befu Works. Since approx. 60-70% of the waste oil, waste acid, and waste alkali discharged at the plant is detoxified with our own equipment, the amount of off-site waste treatment is being reduced.

Industrial Waste Incineration Facility at Our Befu Works
▲ Industrial Waste Incineration Facility at Our Befu Works

Voices From the Field Working to Reduce Waste

Since the establishment of the waste incineration facility, the Industrial Chemicals Section of the Befu Works has been committed to continuous technological improvement to reduce the amount of off-site waste treatment.
In addition, efforts are also directed at energy-saving operation by improving combustion efficiency of the equipment. As a result, LNG consumption has been reduced by 24,000 [m³] (equivalent to the amount of city gas used by about 70 general households in a year) compared to the past when the facility was commissioned.
All the section staff pay close attention to safe and stable operation and strive to reduce the environmental load. We will continue with activities that ensure the local community peace of mind and make ourselves proud of our contributions to society.

Industrial Chemicals Manufacturing Section of Befu Works
▲ Industrial Chemicals Manufacturing Section of Befu Works

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