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Major Application Lineup Poultice material (pap)



Products Name


Anti-Dewing agent
Aromatic / Deodorant
Poultice material (pap)
Water repellent tape for powder and optical cables

Texture Modifier
Gel agent
Gel agent(carrier)
Absorbent polymer

AQUACALKModified polyalkylene oxide/Thermoplastic and non-ionic water absorbent polymer

Aromatic /Deodorant supports, Modifier for resin or fibers (Providing hydrophilicity, moisture-absorption or desorption characteristic, antistatic characteristic, etc.), Water-swelling waterproof materials, Water retention agent for cooling sheet, etc.

Poultice material (pap)
Cat litter
Poltice material (pap)


AQUPAANAPartially neutralized polyacrylic acid

Poultice material (pap), Tackifier resin, Various viscosity modifier

Major Application Lineup