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  • Tetrahydrothiophene 1,1-dioxide
  • CAS No.126-33-0
  • Major Application: Solvent for Removal of Benzene / Toluene / Xylene, Reaction Solvent, Solvent for Semiconductor Cleaning, Solvent for Electrolyte of Capactor or Batteries

Sulfolane General Specification

Item Specification
Purity 97.0~98.0%
Water 2.0~3.0%

Special Specification for Electronic Grade

Item Specification
Purity 99.9% min.
Metal Consultation Required

Semiconductor Gases

Semiconductor Gases

We produce special material gases for manufacturing semiconductor products such as ICs, memories, liquid crystals, and solar cells.

NH3, CO, NO, C3H6, Etc.

Specialty Gases

Specialty Gases

We produce standard gases based on specialty gas analysis criteria, mixed industrial material gases, and high-purity gases.

JCSS Standard Gases, Liquefied Pure Gases, Compressed Pure Gases, Standard Gases, Mixed Gases, Standard Measuring, Precision Pressure Regulator, Liduefied gas regulating valve

Gas Chemicals

Gas Chemicals

We produce mainly sulfur-containing organic materials (industrial chemicals) used as industrial raw materials and electronic materials, and gas products (chemical gases) for food applications.

Industrial Chemicals (Thiophenol, Thioanisole, Sulfolane, Thionyl Chloride, Sulfuryl Chloride)



We produce gas generators and gas recovery and purification systems that use PSA technology.

PSA Oxygen Gas Generators, High Purity Hydrogen Gas, Etc.


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