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  • Powdered Polyethylene
  • FLO-THENE is very stable and has excellent resistance to water and chemicals.
  • The typical particle size between 100-600μm.

Some grades of FLO-THENE retain all the excellent physical and chemical properties of raw material polyethylene resins, and others are modified for individual customers.
FLO-THENE provides a uniform surface finish with fine color and gloss.


Coating (Fluidized bed coating, Electrostatic coating), Adhesive for fabric, Sinter molding.


Main grades and features

General Grade

・This grade produces highly pure and stble products.

・This grade can be freely colored and produces a film of vivid color.

・A variety of standard colors are available.


Weather Resistant Grade

・This grade has excellent physical properties such as weather resistance.

・This grade produces a coating film of vivid color and excellent gloss.

・This grade is usable in combination with other grades such as the adhesive grade.


Adheisive Grade

・This grade provides long lasting adhesive strength.

・This grade produces a tough film with good bending resistance.

・This grade shows resistance to heat applied during processing, and durability to heating and cooling cycles.