To All Business Partners / Suppliers and Employees: Introducing Our Compliance Breach Whistleblower Help Desk

In order to promote compliance across our Corporate Group, we have established a compliance breach whistleblower help desk.
If you discover that our Corporate Group companies and their executives and employees breach compliance or may be contrary to our policies on compliance, use the form below to notify the help desk.
In accordance with our internal regulations, all claims will be rigorously investigated and any issues shall be resolved therein.

Matters Subject to Reporting

  • Illegal or inappropriate acts related to the business of our Corporate Group companies
  • Unreasonable demands from employees of our Corporate Group companies
  • Other acts that violate compliance in our Corporate Group companies

Who We Want to Hear From

  • Our business partners / Suppliers that supply our Company and our Corporate Group companies, their executives and employees
  • Executives and employees of our Company and our Corporate Group companies (including those who have left the company less than a year previously)

About the Management of Personal Information

Any personal information provided as part of any reports that are submitted with be shared with the bare minimum amount of staff as required for an investigation into the claim. This information shall not, without the express permission of the party concerned, be used for any other purpose. Regarding our Company’s policy on the protection of personal information, please refer to ourPrivacy Policy. We will ensure that the act of reporting on potential breaches of compliance does not result in disadvantageous treatment of the whistleblower or their place of work.

About the Protection of Whistleblowers

  • We will not subject whistleblowers who have made a report using this form, as well as the companies to which they belong, to any disadvantageous treatment by reason of having made a report.
  • If a report has been made anonymously, we will not attempt to identify the whistleblower.
  • We will manage the name of the whistleblower and the information that identifies the whistleblower as confidential information. However, if it is not possible to conduct our investigation while maintaining the anonymity of the whistleblower, then we may proceed with the investigation without concealing the identity of the whistleblower after obtaining the consent of the whistleblower in advance.

Please proceed to the next “Reporting Form” only if you understand and agree to the above contents.


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