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Medium-and Long-Term Business Plan

Medium-and Long-Term Business Plan(From FY 2016 to FY 2025)SEIKA Grand Design

In formulating SEIKA Grand Design 2025 URUOI, Sumitomo Seika has developed the future image of Sumitomo Seika that we would like to be, which is “Sumitomo Seika Group will strive to provide "URUOI", a Japanese word meaning richness in quality, to Mother Nature and lives of people through products and services we supply as we ourselves continue to grow, anticipating changes likely to come about in society and thereby creating products of wonder with unique ideas and flexible thinking.”
All companies of the Group will stay united firmly in working to earn customers' trust and confidence all over the world in the products and services they supply, thereby increasing the Group's corporate value.

SEIKA Grand Design 2025

Basic Policy

Under the new Business Plan, Sumitomo Seika Group has identified its main business domains for new business creation, which are "medical care and daily living", "the environment and energy", and "electronics". Many of the corporate resources will be invested in these fields to explore new business opportunities more efficiently and realize early and successful launching of new businesses so explored. Geographically, the Group will advance business development on a global scale, including the U.S. and Europe, but with a main focus on Asia where markets are growing rapidly. At the same time, the Group will attach unchanged importance to harmonization with neighboring communities and ensure the highest priority placed on safety, the environment, and quality as well as fortifying the Group's corporate governance. Meeting these challenges, the Group will strive to achieve various business targets set for fiscal 2025, the final year of the new Business Plan.