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Super Absorbent Polymers Division

The AQUA KEEP super absorbent polymer is a product researched and developed by our company for many years. This resin that absorbs up to 1,000 times its weight in water and is imbued with various added functions because it can be precisely designed in accordance with user needs.
Drawing on these functions, this product is used to make disposable diapers, various hygiene products, and industrial products and has drawn high quality evaluations from users.
Our company’s products are produced in Japan, Singapore, France, and South Korea, and are used in countries around the world.

Chief of Super Absorbent Polymers

Our Super Absorbent Polymers provides “The Only One” products and services that allow people in the ever-changing world to live healthy and more comfortable lives. “The Only One” refers to the high performance of our products, which draw on the unique features of our company, as well as the higher level of clarity achieved by integrating supplementary services for customers.
AQUA KEEP super absorbent polymer is made using unique production techniques not found at other companies. As a result, we can provide a product that meets the individual needs of customers, for which we have won high evaluations. We intend to continue drawing on our unique characteristics to promote products that feature ceaseless high performance advances and to continually develop our business.

Director, Managing Executive Officer

Functional Chemicals Division

The Functional Chemicals Division manufactures and sells products such as water soluble polymers, emulsions, latexes, powder resins, and organic synthetic chemicals. These products are used across a wide range of spheres, including personal care products essential for comfortable living, industrial materials such as high-performance adhesives and rubber products, and battery and energy materials.

Chief of Functional Chemicals

Continuing progress in ICT technologies and issues related to resources, the environment, and energy are all expected to significantly change our lives and industries.
As society undergoes these changes, our division will serve as a highly enthusiastic function creator. We intend to create new value and provide solutions to challenges faced by customers and markets. Rather than merely supplying objects, we offer functions, striving to serve as a presence that provides URUOI (richness) to customers around the world. We will expand our business based on Sumitomo Seika's key technical strength, i.e. "thickening and "binding" in function, and "polymerization", "organic synthesis", and "fine particle" in technology, and contribute to society in the fields of medical care, the environment, daily life, and energy.

Director, Managing Executive Officer

Gases Division

Our division offers various special material gases used in the semiconductor manufacturer of integrated circuits, flash drives, LCD, and solar cells; standard gas, which is essential for gas analysis; and industrial and other chemicals that use sulfuric gases as a raw material. Our division also offers oxygen and nitrogen production equipment based on the pressure swing adsorption (PSA) method and recovers and purifies various gasses such as hydrogen, helium, and CO2. In particular, in regard to special material gases for semiconductors, our division has set up manufacturing and sales hubs in Taiwan, South Korea, and China to meet the needs of our customers.

Chief of Gases

As a comprehensive manufacturer of specialty gases, our division offers unique products across an extensive range of industrial fields. In particular, we view the three areas of electronics, medical care and health, and the environment and energy saving as future growth domains. In these areas, as a gas business based at a chemicals company, we see expanding markets in which we can take advantage of our unique characteristics. We intend to engage in proactive research and development focusing on such markets and to serve as a leading creator who continues to provide new products and new applications that anticipate the needs of future markets.
Markets are growing around the world, and their speed is accelerating. Responding to these markets is essential. We intend to renew our focus on enlarging our current global network.

Director, Managing Executive Officer
Masaru Murakoshi