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Message from the President & Corporate Governance & IR Policy

Message from the President

To all shareholders and investors:

In May 2016, the Sumitomo Seika Group announced a medium- to long-term business plan, SEIKA Grand Design 2025 “URUOI.” As we move toward attaining the objectives of the plan, we will fully capitalize on the individual and collective strength of our Group companies, including solid structures of creating new businesses and promoting business development, unremitting diligence to strengthen management foundation, and a vibrant corporate culture filled with tenacious vitality. All of these distinct advantages combined will enable us to provide products and services that will realize: “Sumitomo Seika Group will strive to provide ""URUOI"", a Japanese word meaning richness in quality, to Mother Nature and lives of people through products and services we supply as we ourselves continue to grow, anticipating changes likely to come about in society and thereby creating products of wonder with unique ideas and flexible thinking.”
Through our business activities, we will work to create sustainable corporate value and meet the expectations of shareholders, investors and all other stakeholders.
Going forward, we will take up various challenges vigorously that may lie ahead to boost corporate value while making appropriate disclosure of corporate information and holding constructive dialogue with shareholders and investors. We ask for your kind understanding and unchanged support.

Ikuzo Ogawa, President

Corporate Governance

Our corporate group has outlined a management policy aimed at building a solid business infrastructure and contributing to social progress in response to the mandate from our stakeholders. To gain the unfailing trust of our stakeholders, we will implement corporate governance aimed at quickly and properly disclosing information on the processes and results involved in carrying out efficient and fair management practices.

Corporate Governance Structure

IR Policy

Basic Policy

Sumitomo Seika aims to fairly disclose information to our shareholders and investors on a timely basis. Regarding disclosure of investor relation information, we will provide information considered useful for a better understanding of our business activities, as well as comply with the Financial Instruments and Exchange Law and the TDnet (Timely Disclosure Network) provided by the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

Financial Outlook

Regarding our financial outlook, we will release data available at the time of announcement. However, please note that actual results may differ greatly from the outlook and/or other figures depending on various factors that may occur at a future date.