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Major Application Lineup Various Industries



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Thermal recording paper & Thermal packing material
Bill strip stamp & Cover of instant noodle cup
PC / Mobile Phone
Lithium-ion rechargeable battery
Apparel products

Dispersion Stabilizer
Resin Modifier
Binder for ceramics
Binder for electrodes
Additives for Lithium-ion rechargeable battery
Electrolyte solvents and additives
Low-temperature seal adhesive for aluminum foil, paper, etc.
Interlining adhesive
Modifier for polyester resins, Sheet molding compound, Bulk molding compound (Crack resistance,Improving shrinkage)
Binder for water-color ink
Antisettling agent
Pulp dispersant

Interlining adhesive for apparel, Coating and fixing agent for glass fiber , carbon fiber ,etc. Modifier for emulsions, Binder for non-woven fabrics, Sizing agent for glass fibers

Anti-Dewing agent
Aromatic / Deodorant
Poultice material (pap)
Water repellent tape for powder and optical cables

Texture Modifier
Gel agent
Gel agent(carrier)
Absorbent polymer

AQUACALKModified polyalkylene oxide/Thermoplastic and non-ionic water absorbent polymer

Aromatic /Deodorant supports, Modifier for resin or fibers (Providing hydrophilicity, moisture-absorption or desorption characteristic, antistatic characteristic, etc.), Water-swelling waterproof materials, Water retention agent for cooling sheet, etc.

Metal parts
Apparel products

Interlining adhesive
Powder coating for metallurgical coating

FLO-THENEPowdered Polyethylene

Coating (Fluidized bed coating, Electrostatic coating), Adhesive for fabric, Sinter molding

Water repellent tape for powder and optical cables

Absorbent polymer

AQUA KEEPSodium Polyacrylate-based Super Absorbent Polymer

Water repellent tape for power and optical cables, Water-swelling rubber

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Major Application Lineup