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  • AQUA KEEP can absorb water several hundred times more than its dry weight.It will retain most of the absorbed liquid, even under considerable pressure.
  • AQUA KEEP has a narrow and controlled particle size distribution.
  • AQUA KEEP demonstrates excellent flowability and good scatter uniformity in most feeding systems.
  • AQUA KEEP is almost insoluble in water or other solvents.

As a result of the many years devoted to research and development of polymerization technologies, SUMITOMO SEIKA CHEMICALS CO., LTD. has achieved a unique form of super absorbent polymers, the AUA KEEP line of products. Capable of absorbing water up to several hundred times more than its dry weight, AQUA KEEP performs better to meet other requirements of super absorbent polymers in the areas of controlled absorption rate, high gel strength, and high gel stability.